Help Page

We have put together this short help section that should solve most issues that are encountered. If you are still having trouble accessing the course content once you have worked through these points then please contact us directly.

Minimum System Requirements

The course is designed and optimised to run on most modern computer systems and some mobile devices. However if you are having trouble viewing the content please check that your computer or device meets with our minimum recommended system requirements.

PC / Mac


The content has been tested and is known to work on iOS devices from the iPad 2 onwards and iPhone 4 onwards.

It has also been tested on some Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy tab II and the Kindle Fire HD.

Beyond this is should work on most other Android devices but there may be some exceptions depending on OS version and browser used.

Is JavaScript Enabled?

If you are not seeing anything except for a black square where the video should be it is possible that you have JavaScript disabled in your web browser.

You can see here if JavaScript is on or off:

If it is off you can find out how to enable it on this web page by following the link that relates to your web browser.

Click here for instructions on enabling JavaScript

Browser Version

Most modern browsers will have the necessary plug ins to run the course content already built in. If you are not able to see the content please make sure your web browser is up to date.

We recommend the Google Chrome browser which can be downloaded for free here:

Flash Version

The course is optimised to run using Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher. This is a free plugin that is compatible with most web browsers.

You can check what version you are running here:

If the version number shown is less than 10 you will need to update your Flash Player plugin. You can download the latest version here:

Internet speed test

The video content shown in this course has been optimised to run at quite low speeds but it still needs a stable broadband connection to run smoothly. The minimum download speed we would recommend is needed to run the course in its standard quality is around 1 mbps. The High quality videos are intended for use on higher speed connections and should work best at speeds of 5mbps or higher.

You can find out what your average speed is by using this tool:

There are other factors that can affect the performance of the video content shown throughout the course. These can range from low spec machines, which is why we have our minimum system requirements published above, to intermittent connection issues between your location and your ISP. The speed test tool is intended to give you an idea of whether a low connection speed could be the cause of your problems but does not give the full picture.

Clear Your Web Browsers Cache

If you have a problem with a specific video but others seem to be working fine it may be that the original download of the file you are trying to view was interrupted and the incomplete file has been cached by your web browser. This issue is usually solved by clearing your web browsers cache.

To find out how to clear the cache in your particular browser. Please visit the web page and follow the link that relates to your web browser.

Can’t hear anything?

Please ensure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on. If this is the case please ensure that the computers audio is turned up to reasonable level.

If you don’t have access to speakers or work in a busy office we would recommend using headphones.

If you are still having problems after working through these steps please contact us directly.